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We’re empowering gamers to reach athlete status by maximising your performance & restoring your wellbeing. Our equipment inspires amateur & pros alike to take back control of your health without detriment to your gameplay. But don’t get it twisted, just because health is our priority, doesn’t mean we compromise on style & comfort. 


The Gaming Athlete is the first of it’s kind; offering equipment to empower gamers globally.

GAS was founded by sportsmen with a passion for gaming, with a vision to unite gaming with wellness. As a professional athlete, Don relies on a series of recovery methods to ensure he is at the top of his game - yet he didn't experience this same care in gaming. Our community endeavours to educate users on the importance of maintaining health & wellness during sessions whilst providing equipment designed to improve your performance.



Don - Founder

Don has played for England rugby, and recently retired after spending 9 years at Exeter Chiefs. With a passion for gaming and sports, Don is aware of what it takes to excel in competition. It's not just in competition that counts, it's what you do away from it that makes the real difference. Don has a value first over everything, his vision is for GAS to help everyone empower themselves toward something better, whatever that may be!!


Ray - Finance Director

Ray's passion lies in finance. Her role is to make sure The Gaming Athlete grows on solid foundations. With a brother and a husband who have both always been big into their gaming (as well as 3 young children who are already showing an interest in gaming) Ray is excited to be behind the vision of the brand.