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It’s time to take it to the next level

We endeavour to empower gamers around the world. GAS equipment is a modern solution to the unique health concerns of gamers. Our wellbeing products require no prior scientific or medical experience - they are safe and easy to integrate products made to fit into your lifestyle.

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FLUX Mk1 Compression Sock

A World-First

We’ve designed an industry-first compression sock that alleviates the health concerns that can develop as a result of extended periods of sitting. With a compression ranging from 20-30 mmHg, our FLUX socks have been tested by athletes and gamers alike.

Why Compression Socks? They can reduce & prevent swelling, promote blood circulation & flow, stop your legs from feeling tired & achy and even stop that light-headed, dizzy feeling you get when you stand up after being sat for a while. Win-win.

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PRISM Mk1 Blue Light Glasses

Protect Your Vision

Meet our signature Gaming Athlete blue light glasses, built to protect your eyes during prolonged screen time. Most seasoned veterans will have experienced the strain headache from a particularly intense or long game session. Our glasses will help you reduce the impact game time has on your eye-sight and potentially improve the quality of your sleep when you log off for the day. If you experience problems after focusing on a screen, less blue light can make it easier for your eyes to focus & reduce strain.

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Not sure how gaming could be affecting your health?

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